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Monday, October 4, 2010

Canada - Gone as we knew it

The following was forwarded to many of our Canadian MP`s and relates to an ongoing problem going on over +8 years with Revenue Canada telling me to lie on tax submissions.
Many discoveries have been made since then but the one of greatest concerns to all Canadians is that a Political element in our Federal Government accepted funds from another country without informing the general populace.

My question is one that has grave concerns to myself and likely to many other Canadians!
Is there a criminal element in our Political system that wish to change the direction to one more suited to their needs and wants?


Where is Canada going?

The Conservatives of today ( Previously the Progressive Conservatives and taken over by the Reform Party ) sold out Canada by accepting a bribe from another Country when Brian Mulroney was their leader. Who knows where that 2 Billion went, could it have been for the SPP (North America Union) Proposal where Political patronage was rampant, or perhaps to influence the changing of Canadian laws to mimic those of International corporations, or even perhaps to send our troops to Afghanistan? Let`s hope that our soldiers have more morals than those recently brought forward. Who really knows? For sure I was not consulted!

Now we even have our leader, Stephen Harper, meeting with FOX TV execs, with the intention of setting up a similar network in Canada. Is our future that of the American Republican Party? Has our DEMOGRAPHICS changed that much that we are now led by a far right party controlled by extremists, rather than the Canadian political parties of preceding years?

Me as a Canadian, who accidently discovered that the Conservatives had accepted a bribe by using the tax revenue system as a medium, have been unjustly put out from my home, have had Tax officials lie on official government documents, and have had interruptions in normal e-mail and phone lines.

Are all Government MP`s part of this corrupt act?

Is Peter Mansbridge and the CBC part of this collusion by not advising Canadian citizens to the extent of what is happening?

John P. Halonen, Sr

PS: What started out as a request 8 years earlier to complain about Revenue Canada corruption on personal taxes has now been discovered as a Conservative scandal in accepting a bribe to change Canada as we now know it. No wonder they would not answer e-mails/letters over the past 8 years.
For those that wish to follow up, just look at the tax records for ASSET Computer Personnel during the years from 1985 thru 2001, who hired thousands of Canadians to work contracts in the US, but paid no US taxes and created T4 slips for those contractors as if they worked in Canada. Easy way to move money into Canada with no physical records, and definitely against our laws.

Something very bothersome is that during many of these years the Liberal Party was in power! LET`S PROLONG THE WAR.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Was A Bribe Accepted


My God !!!!!

Ok, Found something out today that is not very positive;

Not sure of what will happen to myself, nor even my Country Canada.

The Canadian Government, led by Brian Mulroney in the late 1980`s began accepting Tax Revenues that were not theirs to accept.

This was from another Government, south of our border. There are direct links that establish that country was aware of such transfers.

Why this happened, is only my conjecture.

Was it to establish a Government in Canada that would follow their directives, or was it just the greed of a Canadian to build his fortune.

That will be for others to decide.

If possible I will update with further developments, but it is important for me to make others aware before these opportunities cease.

John P.L. Halonen Sr.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My God !!!!!

Ok, Found something out today that is not very positive;

Not sure of what will happen to myself, nor even my Country Canada.

The Canadian Government, led by Brian Mulroney in the late 1980`s began accepting Tax Revenues that were not theirs to accept.

This was from another Government, south of our border. There are direct links that establish that country was aware of such transfers.

Why this happened, is only my conjecture.

Was it to establish a Government in Canada that would follow their directives, or was it just the greed of a Canadian to build his fortune.

That will be for others to decide.

If possible I will update with further developments, but it is important for me to make others aware before these opportunities cease.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

PM office in Canada, answers & replies

Will this ever end?

Several weeks ago I had an eight year anniversary. Don't say congratulations as it was rather a negative occasion It was when our home was seized because of a CRA Mistake.

I am also copying a document forwarded by the Prime Minister`s office. ( in italics )

It is the words "due consideration" that causes some concern.

Was it a mistake to send out this response?

Was it also a mistake for the CRA to say they were sorry for the lies that their employees made on official Government documents. ( some 8 years ago ).

Was it a mistake that MP Colin Carrie indicated he could do nothing. ( Over 4 yrs ago )

I am not as concerned as to the mistakes but when the "DUE" will end. Since the PM`s office forwarded a reply there has not been one word of correspondence.

Will it be on my 10th year anniversary?

Is this a normal response time for a Conservative response period?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Prime Minister/Premier ministre <>
Date: Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 4:07 PM
Subject: Office of the Prime Minister / Cabinet du Premier ministre
To: John Halonen <>
Cc: Keith Ashfield <>

Dear Mr. Halonen:

On behalf of the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, I would like to acknowledge receipt of your latest e-mail.

Please be assured that your comments have been noted and that they will receive due consideration from the Honourable Keith Ashfield, Minister of National Revenue, to whom you indicate a copy of your correspondence has already been forwarded.

Thank you for writing to the Prime Minister.

B. Funes
Executive Correspondence Officer
for the Prime Minister's Office
Agent de correspondance de la haute direction
pour le Cabinet du Premier ministre

From: John Halonen <>
To: Most MP`s
Sent: Wed, July 21, 2010 10:15:54 PM
Subject: Re: Help!

Today, I received a letter from the office of the Minister of Finance, the Honourable James M. Flaherty, They have indicated that they are unable to go further as it is the responsibility of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) so they have forwarded to the Honourable Keith Ashfield for follow up.

I am rather pleased to have some correspondence from the government, as it has been years since the last one, with exception to Colin Carrie ( MPP representing my riding ) who has communicated saying that perhaps there has been a change in the last 5 years where my case could be reviewed. Unfortunately. I no longer have much trust in an individual that
did not represent me to start with and now indicates that he no longer has my records. ( Fortunately I have ).

I expect that if the Honourable Keith Ashfield does reply he will also request that authorization by myself for his investigations will be required. That I will give willingly.

If needed I can also provide documentation on the following if somehow it is not available in my records.

1. A penalty recommendation report where three signatures were applied to verify that what they provided was the truth.

2. A letter from an Acting Director that indicated a mistake was made. Unfortnately, the same mistake was made in different portions of the document three times. I would consider this to be a lie. The Acting Director also fails to say that I had forwarded a letter to him indicating I held him responsible for fixing this up months earlier. Also when he said a mistake was made, he sent the letter days before my home was forclosed saying he was SORRY, and to top it all off, he indicated those that made the "MISTAKE" were just doing their job. This in not my idea of being represented by an individual whose job is to represent Canadian citizens. Another point, that mistake still took years to resolve prior to CRA issuing myself cheque for the funds garnisheed.

Many more specifics, but to finalize, I am rather unhappy with the service that department performs

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tarred by the same brush

Seem like this old phrase is taking on more prominence with the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, however, the Canadian Political environment has many of the same symptons.

What started out with three individuals lying on a Penalty Recommendation Document for punishment to a Canadian citizen, soon involved to their acting Director saying that was OK, as it was part of their job responsibilites. Sure did not make sense to me, since they garnisheed pension funds and the bank took my house for lack of payment. Must of been my fault as I did not have the extra funds in the bank to cover payments while waiting for the Government to right itself. That only took 3 years to resolve ( not even an election cycle, but at the time I did appreciate the cheque, especially after them saying that I owed over $150,000.00 )! I would say that the Acting Director was the first to be "Tarred by the same brush".

Next on the list would be my constituency member of Parliament ( Colin Carrie representing the Oshawa, Ontario riding ). With investigation he determined that he could not resolve. He was the second to be "Tarred by the same brush".

Then on our Canadian Political leaders and members of Parliament ( thousands of e-mails forwarded thru the years ). They chose not to participate or even comment! I quess you could consider them also to be "Tarred by the same brush".

It should be mentioned that physical proof of these acts made no difference at all, as you know members of our Government do not have to abide by the rules of law that have been set up for normal Canadian citizens.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Liberal Concern or TOO HOT TO HANDLE?

John -- ( email solicitation )

Barely 48 hours after Michael Ignatieff proposed sensible changes to make the long gun registry fairer and more effective, Stephen Harper has opened the Conservative war chest – and teamed up with the gun lobby – launching personal attacks against MPs and police who support gun control. As the Liberal Party’s chief fundraiser, I need your help right now to fight back.

The attacks began as Conservative spokesman and Saskatchewan MP Gerry Breitkreuz compared Canada’s police chiefs to “members of a cult” who “should be ashamed of themselves” for defending the gun registry – a tool police officers use over 11,000 times each day in their work protecting public safety.

Close behind was a deluge of radio ads targeting Liberal MPs in rural ridings, spreading misinformation and questioning the integrity of our MPs for doing exactly what you and I elect our representatives to do – listen to their constituents and work to adapt the laws of the land in ways that find common ground.

Police across the country tell us that they rely on the gun registry. I believe them. Law abiding gun owners tell us the gun registry has problems in its current form and I believe them too. So we need a balanced solution and the Liberal proposal provides it. Now, our MPs who helped to create that solution are under fire and need our support.

That’s why it’s critical that we respond with a targeted ad campaign of our own. Canadians need accurate information about the changes we’ve proposed, and the MPs under attack need to know that Liberals from coast to coast to coast are standing behind them.

Please be a part of making these ads happen. Your donation of $100, $250, or whatever you can afford will contribute directly to this important campaign. And if we receive your donation online before midnight Monday, we’ll send you a special link to be among the very first to see the ads in the coming days.

The Conservatives continue with tactics that attempt to divide rural and urban Canada. You and I can’t let that happen.

Thank you.

Adam Smith
National Director, National Liberal Fund

PS. In addition to helping build this ad campaign, your donation will earn you a generous tax credit of up to 75 per cent. That means that you’ll get as much as $75 of your $100 contribution back at tax time, and a $250 contribution costs only $62.50!


John to Adam, Apr 24

There are ways to fight back. You just have to use them! If you don`t fight the fires, you lose the battle.

Please follow up. YOUR future, and mine also, may be greatly affected.

Permission granted to copy & distribute.

Have you ever been told by a Tax Collection officer to lie on a tax return? Well I never thought that was a possibility, until I was told to lie on the return, or else it would open up a can of WORMS. Imagine this, when it says, that if you lie on a return, it is almost punishable by death.
Maybe this guy ( tax collection officer ) was just an individual that was from another planet, so I went forward, checked with the International Tax Office, and others, and they indicated what I thought was right.

I did not lie, but maybe I should have, as the tax office garnisheed my retirement funds, I lost my home and basically my life style, because I did not follow their direction as they had said. Maybe that can of WORMS did bother some individuals.

It seemed so simple, the organization that I had worked for ( Asset Computer Personnel ) indicated that the work was in Canada, but it was not. For me this was very significant, from over 100 thousand owing to the CRA, to them owing me monies. Perhaps it would have been best not to work at all.

But I did, and I did not lie.

This started in early 2001, and it took over 3 years to finally have our Canadian Tax Department admit they were wrong and remove all penalties and charges from my tax account.

Unfortunately for myself, this was also at a time when Prostrate Cancer began it's attack on my body. Now, with radiation treatments, etc. things seem to be getting back to normal. Not that my living conditions have improved, still do not have a home, live in my daughter's loft, and think about how corrupt our government really is.

Over the years, have found out that this did not just occur in the early 2000's but was initiated with the Mulroney years in the late 1980's. It really does make me wonder if there was an agreement between countries to provide funds to Canadian politicians with the intent to have those funds used to benefit another country. Hopefully, I am wrong, as that would be an act of treason by the individuals that started it all and I do believe that still carries a death penalty..

Now, almost 10 years later, I finally seem to be getting back to a state of mind, that I feel comfortable with, and have made a personal commitment to bring this forth to others, as no one, is above the law, not even our Government officials.



Liberal Party of Canada / Parti Liberal du Canada to me show details May 26 (8 days ago)

Hello John,

Thank you for your email and for sharing this resource with us. We always appreciate feedback from our supporters and I would like to thank you for taking the time to write to us.

Have a wonderful week!


Keleigh Annau

Liberal Party of Canada
Original Message


John to Liberal May 26 (8 days ago)

Ony wish that the weeks could be wonderful, but that opportunity ceased to exist almost a decade ago. Gradually more and more individuals are sharing the information recieved.


John to Liberal Jun 1 (2 days ago)

Now that Mulroney has been identified as just another criminal that requested and got money for himself to further the interests of another country, the next step is more apparent and very questionable..
Just what was his involvement in setting up the scam to accept tax revenues from another country that was not legally ours to accept. Here he actually was the P.M. and the leader of Canada. Was there a bribe here also that destroyed Canada`s sovereignty?


Liberal Party of Canada / Parti Liberal du Canada to me Jun 1 (2 days ago)

Hello John,

We're glad to hear that you are interested in the Mulroney commission of inquiry. We too are interested in hearing more about the findings and are disappointed to hear that Mr. Mulroney conducted himself in a manner deemed "inappropriate" by Justice Oliphant.


Keleigh Annau
Liberal Party of Canada


John to Liberal Jun 1 (2 days ago)

I can understand your using the work "inappropriate" however to most Canadians the word CRIMINAL is very commonplace.
The effect that his actions have had on the Conservative Party and really of our political structure will have a detrimental nature for years to come. It is so disappointing when you have a leader that has gone astray, as it creates an impression on future leaders that they to can do as they wish and are not subject to the laws of the country.
You can see this in today's leader, Stephen Harper who only represents himself rather than the country that voted himself into office.


Liberal Party of Canada / Parti Liberal du Canada to me 10:29 AM (2 hours ago)

Hello John,

Thank you for your interest in Liberal policies and the direction of the party. We're glad that you agree with the Liberal stance and we're happy to have your support.

My team would very much like to respond to each person's individual policy comments but as we are focused on fundraising, we do not have the expertise with which to do so. I hope that you will take part in the Regional Policy Discussions, as this is the perfect place to ask Mr. Ignatieff and Opposition Critics direct policy questions.

Until that time, the correspondence team at are the best team to answer your policy questions.
Keleigh Annau
Liberal Party of Canada