Monday, May 3, 2010

Correspondence to over 200 Members of Parliament

Original document forwarded to current Members of Parliament.

Unfortunately my Member of Parliament ( Colin Carrie - MP for Oshawa, Ont. ) has not responded, even though it was received at his office and it was indicated they would forward to himself and personally request a reply.

For this reason, I am requesting that all MP's that do represent Canada's interests, that they please follow up for Canada.

Permission granted to copy & distribute.

Have you ever been told by a Tax Collection officer to lie on a tax return? Well I never thought that was a possibility, until I was told to lie on the return, or else it would open up a can of WORMS. Imagine this, when it says, that if you lie on a return, it is almost punishable by death.
Maybe this guy ( tax collection officer ) was just an individual that was from another planet, so I went forward, checked with the International Tax Office, and others, and they indicated what I thought was right.

I did not lie, but maybe I should have, as the tax office garnisheed my retirement funds, I lost my home and basically my life style, because I did not follow their direction as they had said. Maybe that can of WORMS did bother some individuals.

It seemed so simple, the organization that I had worked for ( Asset Computer Personnel ) indicated that the work was in Canada, but it was not. For me this was very significant, from over 100 thousand owing to the CRA, to them owing me monies. Perhaps it would have been best not to work at all.

But I did, and I did not lie.

This started in early 2001, and it took over 3 years to finally have our Canadian Tax Department admit they were wrong and remove all penalties and charges from my tax account.

Unfortunately for myself, this was also at a time when Prostrate Cancer began it's attack on my body. Now, with radiation treatments, etc. things seem to be getting back to normal. Not that my living conditions have improved, still do not have a home, live in my daughter's loft, and think about how corrupt our government really is.

Over the years, have found out that this did not just occur in the early 2000's but was initiated with the Mulroney years in the late 1980's. It really does make me wonder if there was an agreement between countries to provide funds to Canadian politicians with the intent to have those funds used to benefit another country. Hopefully, I am wrong, as that would be an act of treason by the individuals that started it all and I do believe that still carries a death penalty..

Now, almost 10 years later, I finally seem to be getting back to a state of mind, that I feel comfortable with, and have made a personal commitment to bring this forth to others, as no one, is above the law, not even our Government officials.

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