Monday, May 3, 2010

Reply to Colin CARRIE - Oshawa MPP

Information received from Colin Carrie ( MP - Oshawa ) on Fri. Apr. 23rd. Here is the requested response.

Colin Carrie:
Member of Parliament - Oshawa

Thinking it over I believe there are two issues that need discussion, one much more important than the other. I do appreciate your concern now ( phone call Apr. 23, 2010 ) as it helped me to realize what affect further actions could have on my life.

As far as my personal issues regarding loss of home and the lies of the Income Tax Department, I really have no stomach to go thru all that again at this time. You indicated previously 4-5 years ago that you could not help and I take you at your word even though you indicated things may have changed. It brings back to many bad memories of how I was treated during a very trying period with my prostrate cancer and even though I am concerned, I prefer llife in a loft at my daughter`s home rather than being six feet under.

Now the major point in the whole email was one of how and why did the Government illegally and criminally accept tax revenues that were not legally theirs to accept. This occurred for thousands of individuals yearly from the late 1980s on thru the 2000s. I and likely millions of Canadians believe that this is the topic that is the major point of concern. It is your responsibility as a MP to follow up on a request from one of your constituents. My major concern here would be having the knowledge that this was only done from a Canadian perspective as otherwise it could be considered as an act of treason against Canada if this criminal act was done in concert with others. I expect that Stephen Harper, as our Prime Minister of Canada, has initiiated actions to investigate these issues already as they are far more serious in nature than that of Mr. Jaffer..

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