Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tarred by the same brush

Seem like this old phrase is taking on more prominence with the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, however, the Canadian Political environment has many of the same symptons.

What started out with three individuals lying on a Penalty Recommendation Document for punishment to a Canadian citizen, soon involved to their acting Director saying that was OK, as it was part of their job responsibilites. Sure did not make sense to me, since they garnisheed pension funds and the bank took my house for lack of payment. Must of been my fault as I did not have the extra funds in the bank to cover payments while waiting for the Government to right itself. That only took 3 years to resolve ( not even an election cycle, but at the time I did appreciate the cheque, especially after them saying that I owed over $150,000.00 )! I would say that the Acting Director was the first to be "Tarred by the same brush".

Next on the list would be my constituency member of Parliament ( Colin Carrie representing the Oshawa, Ontario riding ). With investigation he determined that he could not resolve. He was the second to be "Tarred by the same brush".

Then on our Canadian Political leaders and members of Parliament ( thousands of e-mails forwarded thru the years ). They chose not to participate or even comment! I quess you could consider them also to be "Tarred by the same brush".

It should be mentioned that physical proof of these acts made no difference at all, as you know members of our Government do not have to abide by the rules of law that have been set up for normal Canadian citizens.