Thursday, August 5, 2010

PM office in Canada, answers & replies

Will this ever end?

Several weeks ago I had an eight year anniversary. Don't say congratulations as it was rather a negative occasion It was when our home was seized because of a CRA Mistake.

I am also copying a document forwarded by the Prime Minister`s office. ( in italics )

It is the words "due consideration" that causes some concern.

Was it a mistake to send out this response?

Was it also a mistake for the CRA to say they were sorry for the lies that their employees made on official Government documents. ( some 8 years ago ).

Was it a mistake that MP Colin Carrie indicated he could do nothing. ( Over 4 yrs ago )

I am not as concerned as to the mistakes but when the "DUE" will end. Since the PM`s office forwarded a reply there has not been one word of correspondence.

Will it be on my 10th year anniversary?

Is this a normal response time for a Conservative response period?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Prime Minister/Premier ministre <>
Date: Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 4:07 PM
Subject: Office of the Prime Minister / Cabinet du Premier ministre
To: John Halonen <>
Cc: Keith Ashfield <>

Dear Mr. Halonen:

On behalf of the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, I would like to acknowledge receipt of your latest e-mail.

Please be assured that your comments have been noted and that they will receive due consideration from the Honourable Keith Ashfield, Minister of National Revenue, to whom you indicate a copy of your correspondence has already been forwarded.

Thank you for writing to the Prime Minister.

B. Funes
Executive Correspondence Officer
for the Prime Minister's Office
Agent de correspondance de la haute direction
pour le Cabinet du Premier ministre

From: John Halonen <>
To: Most MP`s
Sent: Wed, July 21, 2010 10:15:54 PM
Subject: Re: Help!

Today, I received a letter from the office of the Minister of Finance, the Honourable James M. Flaherty, They have indicated that they are unable to go further as it is the responsibility of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) so they have forwarded to the Honourable Keith Ashfield for follow up.

I am rather pleased to have some correspondence from the government, as it has been years since the last one, with exception to Colin Carrie ( MPP representing my riding ) who has communicated saying that perhaps there has been a change in the last 5 years where my case could be reviewed. Unfortunately. I no longer have much trust in an individual that
did not represent me to start with and now indicates that he no longer has my records. ( Fortunately I have ).

I expect that if the Honourable Keith Ashfield does reply he will also request that authorization by myself for his investigations will be required. That I will give willingly.

If needed I can also provide documentation on the following if somehow it is not available in my records.

1. A penalty recommendation report where three signatures were applied to verify that what they provided was the truth.

2. A letter from an Acting Director that indicated a mistake was made. Unfortnately, the same mistake was made in different portions of the document three times. I would consider this to be a lie. The Acting Director also fails to say that I had forwarded a letter to him indicating I held him responsible for fixing this up months earlier. Also when he said a mistake was made, he sent the letter days before my home was forclosed saying he was SORRY, and to top it all off, he indicated those that made the "MISTAKE" were just doing their job. This in not my idea of being represented by an individual whose job is to represent Canadian citizens. Another point, that mistake still took years to resolve prior to CRA issuing myself cheque for the funds garnisheed.

Many more specifics, but to finalize, I am rather unhappy with the service that department performs

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