Monday, August 16, 2010

Was A Bribe Accepted


My God !!!!!

Ok, Found something out today that is not very positive;

Not sure of what will happen to myself, nor even my Country Canada.

The Canadian Government, led by Brian Mulroney in the late 1980`s began accepting Tax Revenues that were not theirs to accept.

This was from another Government, south of our border. There are direct links that establish that country was aware of such transfers.

Why this happened, is only my conjecture.

Was it to establish a Government in Canada that would follow their directives, or was it just the greed of a Canadian to build his fortune.

That will be for others to decide.

If possible I will update with further developments, but it is important for me to make others aware before these opportunities cease.

John P.L. Halonen Sr.

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