Monday, October 4, 2010

Canada - Gone as we knew it

The following was forwarded to many of our Canadian MP`s and relates to an ongoing problem going on over +8 years with Revenue Canada telling me to lie on tax submissions.
Many discoveries have been made since then but the one of greatest concerns to all Canadians is that a Political element in our Federal Government accepted funds from another country without informing the general populace.

My question is one that has grave concerns to myself and likely to many other Canadians!
Is there a criminal element in our Political system that wish to change the direction to one more suited to their needs and wants?


Where is Canada going?

The Conservatives of today ( Previously the Progressive Conservatives and taken over by the Reform Party ) sold out Canada by accepting a bribe from another Country when Brian Mulroney was their leader. Who knows where that 2 Billion went, could it have been for the SPP (North America Union) Proposal where Political patronage was rampant, or perhaps to influence the changing of Canadian laws to mimic those of International corporations, or even perhaps to send our troops to Afghanistan? Let`s hope that our soldiers have more morals than those recently brought forward. Who really knows? For sure I was not consulted!

Now we even have our leader, Stephen Harper, meeting with FOX TV execs, with the intention of setting up a similar network in Canada. Is our future that of the American Republican Party? Has our DEMOGRAPHICS changed that much that we are now led by a far right party controlled by extremists, rather than the Canadian political parties of preceding years?

Me as a Canadian, who accidently discovered that the Conservatives had accepted a bribe by using the tax revenue system as a medium, have been unjustly put out from my home, have had Tax officials lie on official government documents, and have had interruptions in normal e-mail and phone lines.

Are all Government MP`s part of this corrupt act?

Is Peter Mansbridge and the CBC part of this collusion by not advising Canadian citizens to the extent of what is happening?

John P. Halonen, Sr

PS: What started out as a request 8 years earlier to complain about Revenue Canada corruption on personal taxes has now been discovered as a Conservative scandal in accepting a bribe to change Canada as we now know it. No wonder they would not answer e-mails/letters over the past 8 years.
For those that wish to follow up, just look at the tax records for ASSET Computer Personnel during the years from 1985 thru 2001, who hired thousands of Canadians to work contracts in the US, but paid no US taxes and created T4 slips for those contractors as if they worked in Canada. Easy way to move money into Canada with no physical records, and definitely against our laws.

Something very bothersome is that during many of these years the Liberal Party was in power! LET`S PROLONG THE WAR.


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